How to never run out of content ideas: A guide to getting out of your creative block

Creative block, or the inability to create, most often plagues writers, artists, or performers. It’s a serious problem when your job is to produce creative outputs, and it can get frustrating to navigate if you don’t know what’s happening. There are multiple reasons for a creative block, just as there are various tips to get over one, so we’ve narrowed it all down to 3 bite-sized pieces of information to help you regain your creative rhythm. 

  1. “It’s been done before, but you should still do it.”

The pressure to always put out something unique can be a huge stressor. It’s common to want your best work to shine and maintain originality. After all, we want our projects to represent our authentic selves, but with the influx of ideas and outputs in this digital age, it may seem like everything’s already been done. Realizing this can be paralyzing, and it may be causing your creative block. It’s understandable; you want to create the greatest thing that nobody has ever considered. But most often than not, bright ideas are inspired by existing material. 

So, be bold, see what’s already out there, and find out what it doesn’t have. Search for that one aspect, which only you can tell, whether through a story, a song, or a performance. As long as you’re not plagiarizing a work or giving credit where it’s due, take this opportunity to find inspiration from the minds of other creators. Who knows, it might just lead you to your next best thing. 

  1. “Go on a physical or mental adventure.”

Are you the type of person who needs a muse to create, or is a simple deadline inspiration enough? If you’re the former, this tip is for you. Don’t give in to melancholy when your creative well has dried up because you feel as if nothing inspires you anymore in this world. Seek out inspiration through adventure. This can mean a physical or mental exploration, or why not both? If you mull yourself over the computer screen staring at an empty page, swap out your environment for something more relaxing. 

A change of place can refresh your mind and give you mental peace. Try a walk to the nearest park, a weekend getaway, or a trip to the museum. The important thing is you don’t isolate yourself in the same environment that makes you feel stressed. 

But if you don’t have the option to go outside and prefer an indoor activity that can still help with your creative block, try a mental exploration. Pop open a 10-minute meditation video on Youtube and allow yourself to decompress. You can also try daydreaming; yes, that’s right! According to new studies, letting your mind wander while doing menial tasks can help foster creativity. 

When you let your brain play, you create an opportunity for imaginative ideas to surface naturally. Give it a try!

  1. “Seek out your inner child.”

Maintaining a connection with your younger self can be especially fulfilling. Within every person is a version of our small selves that holds all of our childhood memories. Tapping into this inner child can be helpful because it’s the part of us that knows best the meaning of the word F-U-N. Societal pressures typically only reach children in their young adulthood, meaning there is a lot of space for wild ideas and craziness within that time frame of growing up. Kids don’t have filters; they do some unexplainable things, but we accept them for it; we celebrate their young minds. But as people grow up and enter adulthood, reservations set in. The wild child has been tamed, and the flame has sputtered into smoke. 

Connecting with your inner child may be the answer to relighting your spark. Embrace your crazy ideas, don’t embellish them. Welcome each scary and provoking thought with an open mind. Like a child proclaims, “I want to do this!” allow yourself to see possibility instead of obstacles. When we intentionally choose to see things from a new perspective, staying the same is impossible. 

With these helpful tips, you can pursue the creative path with more confidence and get your groove back. 

Blog by Isabel Torress

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